Yuvraj Singh’s mother speaks against Akanksha Sharma’s allegations

By | October 19, 2016

As will rather be fanciful, Shabnam Singh is none too happy with these “revelations” created by Akanksha on the fact broadcast. “This is de facto displeasing to our family,” Shabnam told media. “First of all, the matter is legal and neither Akanksha nor any folks, are allowed to speak concerning it. It’s contempt of court; the matter can come back up for hearing in it slow.” Shabnam’s statements create evident that she believes Akanksha is raking up the past for message. “I don’t apprehend why she had to come back up with it currently, it’s a couple of three-year-old issues,” Shabnam aforesaid. “She might have done this earlier additionally, however, she didn’t. Simply because she possesses a platform currently, she is voice communication all this.”

Yuvraj Singh’s mother speaks out


Shabnam more specified: “We wore those who filed for divorce as a result of we had some very robust reasons. There’s a special petition I had filed in the High Court; it’s a case of blackmail. If she had to require any action or say one thing concerning any alleged cruelty from my face, she might have done that earlier also, or filed a case in the past.” Shabnam additionally additional that once the family had created its look in court, Akanksha had clearly aforesaid she didn’t desire a divorce. “But now, on national TV, she’s voice communication the precise opposite,” Shabnam noted. “Anyone will perceive the agenda here… We’ll let the law take its course. I actually have religion within the judiciary.”

The fact that Yuvraj’s name is connected with the problem is what has bought it such a lot message, Shabnam rued. “Which house doesn’t have issues? Is that home is perfect? Simply because of it considerations Yuvraj’s family, the matter has become a point. Folks ought to respect our privacy; no one has the correct to understand concerning our affairs. We are an acknowledged family, we are dignified folks and I’m guiltless. My son and that I have to be compelled to be protected. I’m not going out and speaking concerning Akanksha — I care concerning her dignity,” she said, adding, “Let the reality start, and if I actually have done something wrong, I’ll admit it.”

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