Why Shah Rukh Khan apologised Preity Zinta ?

By | August 23, 2016

He is not known as the King of romance for nothing. A lot of typically than not, Shah Rukh Khan has been labeled as a proud star, however not several apprehend that he’s one among the foremost courteous individuals within the business. And guess who have to be compelled to witness his chivalry this time? His co-star of the many films, Preity Zinta. SRK and Preity initial asterisked in Mani Ratnam’s ‘Dil Se’ that discharged in 1998. The expert discharged a video reciting one among his celebrated dialogues from the film and thanked everybody on the completion of eighteen years of ‘Dil Se’.

Shah Rukh Khan apologised Preity Zinta

Why Shah Rukh Khan apologised Preity Zinta

Apparently, at the primary instance, SRK forgot to say Preity within the video and thus, re-released the video with due credits to Preity. In fact, SRK even apologised the mark actor in his caption that he announce alongside the video on Instagram. “Sorry @realpreityzinta. With corrected credits. Thanks.” And he scarf our hearts everywhere again!

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