Velainnu Vandhutta Vellakaran: The beam mower

By | June 3, 2016

Every comedian has his time. This can be Soori’s time. He was the most effective factor concerning last week’s Idhu Namma Aalu. He’s one in all the most effective things concerning Ezhil’s Velainnu Vandhutta Vellakaran, a movie best delineated  by a quote the director gave The Hindu: “I have high BP. Thus I like better to build and watch solely movies that keep my BP low. It’s not just like the audiences nowadays wish to look at serious movies anyway.” Soori’s comedy track may be a warranted BP-reducer. He plays a person who pretend-marries a lady (long story!), then finds out that she’s a dancer with a history that covers much each healthy male within the 5 southern states. (A poster refers to her as “thennindhiya Shakira.”)This is one in all those jokes that continue giving. It’s a pity that our filmmakers settle, so easily, for less. This running gag keeps sputtering to a stop. However a minimum of we have a tendency to get many uproarious lines. Once you’re during a bound reasonably mood, that’s enough.

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Velainnu Vandhutta Vellakaran

Velainnu Vandhutta Vellakaran The beam mower

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Also, Robo sitar player picks up the slack. He plays an MLA named ‘Jacket’ Janakiraman (he was a tailor once), and he gets what’s simply the foremost show-stopping, laugh  and affirmative, BP-reducing  and comedy stretch of the year. It’s derived from the premise of Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom and he tells a story over and over, from the start. Again, with such comic gold, why not mine for more. The script for a comedy continues to be a script. You will concoct some smart gags, however you continue to need to discern what to try and do around those gags.



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