Surya Grahan 2016 Time and Date – Solar Eclipse 2016

By | August 24, 2016

Surya Grahan in 2016 is going on double, on March 9 and September 1. Have you ever imaginary that however will it feel after you awaken and notice that the Sun has vanished? Surya Grahan 2016 is approaching shortly. Scan below to grasp a lot of concerning surya Grahan 2016. A Grahan or eclipse is that the event, once a stellar body hides lightweight from one natural object by passing between it and therefore the observer, and sometimes, between the body and its illuminator. In 2016, we have a tendency to are progressing to witness four eclipses in total. 2 of them are star eclipses or Surya Grahan, while, the opposite 2 are satellite eclipses or Chandra Grahan. Grahan takes place once the world comes in between the Sun and therefore the Moon, or once the Moon comes in between the world and therefore the Sun.

This takes place within the variety of Surya Grahan (solar eclipse) or Chandra Grahan (lunar eclipse). An astronomical phenomena during which one rotating natural object comes in between the opposite 2 rotating celestial bodies is termed Grahan or eclipse. It happens typically 4-5 times a year. In 2016, we’ll witness a complete of four eclipses. This includes Chandra grahan 2016 and Surya Grahan 2016. Let’s offer you a short concerning the dates of Grahan in 2016. Surya Grahan takes place once Moon comes between the Sun and therefore the earth. This happens solely on the New Moon’s day. Moon blocks the sunshine of the Sun, which ends in Surya Grahan or eclipse.

Surya Grahan 2016 Time and Date

Surya Grahan 2016 Time and Date - Solar Eclipse 2016

Surya Grahan will be categorized into 2 types; 1st is Ardhya surya Grahan or ringed eclipse and second is Purna Surya Grahan or total eclipse. As their names are clearly characteristic them; Purna Surya Grahan happens once Moon entirely blocks the sunshine of the Sun and Ardhya Surya Grahan happens once Moon part blocks it. Excluding scientific importance, Grahan conjointly has mythological significance. It describes the explanation for its incidence. So, let’s conjointly take a glance at it before knowing a lot of concerning Grahan in 2016.

Solar Eclipse 2016

During the time of Samudra Manthan, Gods and demons distributed everything equally. But, Gods needed to avoid wasting the elixir (the divine drink – Amrit) from demons. For tricking them, Lord Surya born-again himself into an exquisite girl, Mohini. He took the pot of elixir and commenced distributing it among Gods. Among the demons, he distributed a standard liquid.

Date Type Of Eclipse in 2016 Visible In India Areas in which Grahan will be visible Time (IST)
(Start – Mid – End)
March 23, 2016 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Only ending is visible Much of Asia, Australia, North America, Much of South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica, 15:07 – 17:07 – 19:27
September 16-17, 2016 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Yes Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, West in South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica, India 22:23 – 00:24 – 26:26

One of the demon understood the trick and quietly weekday between the Sun and therefore the Moon to consume the elixir. Once he was having the divine drink Amrit, Sun and Moon recognised him and conversant Lord Surya (Mohini). On this, Lord Surya got most irritated that he at once discontinue the demon’s head from his body. However, because of the consumption of some elixir, he became immortal and is understood by the names of Surya (head of the demon) and Ketu (body of the demon) since then.

It is believed that Surya comes and swallows the Sun and therefore the Moon sporadically for taking revenge of his condition. Once Surya swallows each these celestial bodies, Grahan takes place. After knowing concerning the mythological significance of Grahan.

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