Sunny Leone in legal trouble

By | July 23, 2016

Actress Sunny leone has gotten into bother once a police criticism was filed against her at Delhi’s New Ashok Nagar police headquarters for singing the anthem incorrectly at a recent sports event. The player had sung the anthem at a professional Kabaddi League match on weekday night in Mumbai. however this apparently harmless act has gotten her into a soup. Last year the professional Kabaddi League had film industry star Amitabh Bachchan singing the anthem.

The litigant, Ullas, filed the case for allegedly not saying sure words properly. consistent with him, if somebody like Sunny leone, who enjoys such a lot quality, commits such mistakes then it’ll influence her fans moreover. He aforementioned that the Canadian American player ought to have practiced the song well before singing it at the event.

Sunny Leone in trouble

Sunny Leone in legal trouble

By the appearance of it, the rendition didn’t lack practice. Earlier this month she had tweeted concerning her rehearsals for the event. She wrote, “In order to urge all the words correct and pronunciation correct I had to listen to what i am singing. Been active on my very own all month.” Once the event leone had aforementioned to PTI, “It’s a proud moment on behalf of me. I had ne’er ever desired or thought that i might get to sing the anthem. I feel blessed and honored. I used to be terribly nervous.”


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