Sonam Kapoor on Success, ‘Dilli bahut door hai’

By | July 11, 2016

As 2016 crosses its halfway mark, among the gang of hero-centric films dominating the list of high five Hindi film hits of the year up to now, there quietly stands Neerja. This critically acclaimed Sonam Kapoor-starrer has achieved what would possibly once are deemed not possible for a heroine-centric screenland project thus sheared of parts conventionally thought of commercial: it’s grossed over Rs 134 crore worldwide (nearly seven times its budget), in step with business sources. For Kapoor, it was a protracted road from star female offspring with promise to glamour icon to serious actress with box-office clout. She spoke to Firstpost’s contributive editor Pakistani monetary unit millimetre Vetticad concerning her journey up to now. Honestly, I’m the incorrect person to raise this to as a result of what applies to Pine Tree State may not apply to everybody.

Sonam Kapoor on Success

Sonam Kapoor on Success, ‘Dilli bahut door hai’

She said, “I actually have the luxurious of alternative. clearly there square measure few roles for everyone. what’s missing is content, and there’s clearly a discrepancy between men and girls however that’s not solely within the screenland or in India without delay. Hollywood has equivalent arguments concerning equal buy equal roles. Discrimination against ladies could be a worldwide downside across industries. Even with Khoobsurat we tend to were still on the rear foot. We tend to created it at a small budget, we tend to didn’t open in too several theatres, we tend to didn’t persuade you to buy sharply like we must always have, as a result of we tend to were still a bit, like, can it or can it not? With each film my sister and that i have gotten a bit a lot of assured.”


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