Shave your beard or i will commit Suicide, Says wife to her husband

By | July 18, 2016

36 year old Arshad Badruddin, a churchman here, is during a fix once his spouse demanded that he ought to shave as an alternative she would kill. He even claimed that his spouse was employing a smartphone to talk with ‘gair mard’ (other men) against his desires. Arshad has additionally asked the DM to rearrange for message for his spouse. He fears that he would be damned if his spouse takes the acute step. In his criticism to DM Pankaj Yadav, the churchman stated: “I am a ‘pesh imam’ (who leads prayers at a mosque) and that i am a real follower of Islam. I got married to Sahana of Pilkhuwa city in Hapur district in 2001. presently once our wedding, my spouse demanded that I ought to shave and not keep beard as she likes shaved men like Bollywood actors Salman Khan and sovereign Rukh Khan. She has additionally brought a smartphone and chats with gair mard all day and night.”

Shave your beard or i will commit Suicide

Shave your beard or i will commit Suicide, Says wife to her husband

Arshad same he tried to persuade his spouse (who is currently thirty three years) typically which clerics like him ought to keep their beards however she is adamant. “We have four youngsters, and however she insists on her demand. I actually have additionally told her repeatedly to curtail the utilization of transportable as I concern that our youngsters also will decide the unhealthy habit and it’d become troublesome to discipline them. i’m irritated by her behaviour. after I scolded her recently, she started crying and vulnerable to kill once poisoning our youngsters,” the churchman wrote in his letter to the district jurist.

Arshad additionally expressed within the letter to the DM that recently, on the occasion of Eid, she needed to shop for western garments for the kids and herself. “When I refused to accompany her for Eid looking, she quarrelled with me and once more vulnerable to kill herself,” he added. “On succeeding day of Eid, she bolted herself during a space. after I peeped within, I found that she was making an attempt to hold herself with a rope from the ceiling fan. I now known as different members of the family and poor open the door. Luckily, we tend to managed to save lots of her. once we asked her why she was taking the acute step, she unbroken mum and stopped reproof United States,” Arshad wrote in his letter to the DM.


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