Shah Rukh Khan, “Aamir and Salman are bigger stars than me”

By | July 8, 2016

Shah Rukh Khan has learnt his lesson from once he landed himself amid the intolerance tilt throughout his birthday last year. He does not need to create any ‘mistake’ once more. To make positive his views and opinions aren’t blown out of proportion, SRK currently refrains from speaking on problems that square measure sensitive or contentious and he in a well-mannered way refused to treat the recent terror bombings in capital of Bangladesh. “Last year, on my birthday, I had created an easy comment that was blown out of proportion. Most so I couldn’t even fancy my birthday and that i hold that against everybody,” same SRK on the occasion of Eid celebrations at his home, Mannat yesterday. Any stating that he had same nothing wrong then, SRK same whereas pleading, “Whatever I had same was a decent factor. It absolutely was a good factor.

Aamir and Salman are bigger stars than me, Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh khan

There was nothing spiritual regarding it or something wrong. I used to be telling those things to the youth of our country. Therefore please now don’t raise such queries and spoil my Eid.”

However, crowned head Rukh Khan was able to share quite an few details regarding his forthcoming Bollywood comes this year and it absolutely was here that he confirmed that he are beginning Imtiaz Ali’s film with Anushka Sharma towards the top of August. “I needed to try and do a cheerful film with him (Imtiaz Ali) as a result of i’m therein zone immediately. I had extremely likable his Jab we Met. So yeah, he features a film on behalf of me. He features a completely different language of affection. So yes, this can be a story however the film is not supported Guide. But, keeping my age in mind currently, this can be not sort of a young upbeat story. However he features a terribly nice defy it.”


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