Rock On 2 Teaser Launched: Movie on Fire Already

By | September 5, 2016

We have a certain responsibility to the sequel and the people who have really kept the memories of the film alive so that while watching, the audience would feel that we have made the film with same sincerity and love. The Rock On riff was stuck in our head. It apparently had the same effect on Farhan Akhtar. What it led to is sheer Magik and a sequel called Rock On 2! As Rock On 2 teaser came out on Monday, it was deja vu all over again. Farhan Akhtar is playing in front of vast audiences minutes after we see him rowing a boat on a placid lake. Water and music, the two motifs of Rock On are back in Rock On 2, just like the cast. Farhan, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli and Prachi Desai are reprising their roles in Rock On2. Mainly this movie has already got huge fame and this is why whole of the scene about this movie got popularity.

Rock On 2 Teaser Launched

Rock On 2 Teaser Launched

So, what’s new in Rock On teaser? Ok, let us make it who’s new? It is Shraddha Kapoor, this film’s reluctant yet talented musician, and Shashank Arora, him of Titli fame. While Shraddha gets some play in the little over one-minute teaser, we only see Shashank performing and not really talking. Will Farhan be the driving force behind pushing Shraddha to perform? It sure looks like it.

The song which plays as the teaser unleashes is the much loved Rock On. And as Farhan tells his audience, Magik has not performed for many years and is only back for a reason and, as he says, “This. Is. It.” Now there’s a mystery for we are not sure what he means by “It”. Will the trailer reveal it or will we have to wait till the film’s release? In the meantime, here’s what else is new this time round the band is together after a decade-long split. What tore them apart now? Also, the sequel has been shot in Shillong and also includes a folk song in Khassi. The music is expected to be more mature, just like its main caste. They have included instruments like keyboard and sarod and expect more matured writing.

Shraddha Kapoor tweeted the teaser saying, “THIS. IS. IT. Presenting… The #RockOn2Teaser ~ ?❤️ #ReliveTheMagik #RockOn2.”Earlier, Farhan said about making the sequel, “It was equally exciting and challenging to make a sequel. We wanted the best in every segment of the film be it in music, casting, or the location.

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