Ranveer Singh shares throwback photo with Akshay Kumar

By | August 3, 2016

If you are a teenager reading this piece, there is excellent news. As a kid, Ranveer Singh didn’t seem like the heart-crushing studmuffin that he’s currently. And an image that Singh shared on his Twitter page sitting with a husky wanting Akshay Kumar, is proof: Take an in depth, exhausting cross-check the higher than image. That pudgy, and however assertive wanting chubster is Ranveer Singh. Whereas that expression is vintage Ranveer, nothing else regarding him may be a shade on however he appearance these days. Also, will we tend to take an instant to acknowledge that Akshay Kumar has constant level of swag since the 90s?

Ranveer Singh shares throwback photos

Ranveer Singh shares throwback photo

If you are, however, a completely adult person, here’s your moment of LOL for the day. There are 2 full days until Friday. You be this.


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