Radhika Apte’s nude scenes leaked, Look What She Said

By | August 15, 2016

The Leena Yadav-directed Parched has been obtaining rave reviews and winning awards on the international pageant circuit. However on Sunday, the dust-covered drama revolving around 3 girls in a very remote village in Gujarat who cut loose of century-old traditions that have unbroken them fast in thraldom was creating news for a special reason when 2 lovemaking sequences that includes Radhika Apte emerged on-line. One among them showed the expanse of her clean back as she locks lips, whereas the opposite featured frontal condition. The manufacturers had planned to blur out the latter for the film’s theatrical unleash in India. Those going infective agent return as a rude shock.

Producer Aseem Bajaj was unaware of the incident and once hip to aforementioned he might approach the cyber cell of the metropolis police to possess them removed. “I do not suppose the leak happened in India.The film has discharged within the USA and France and its potential somebody uploaded them from there. The scenes aren’t sensational or titillating in any means. However in our country whereas rape videos are available freely, sex continues to be thought-about taboo therefore we have a tendency to have planned to blur out the breasts. Radhika plays a girl who has been overwhelmed up all her life and is looking for an admiring bit,” he informs. The producer goes on to feature that there was ne’er any intention to objectify the role player. “She’s like my sister, we have a tendency to fail to start out to take advantage of her in any means. This type of angle stems from the means individuals read such scenes. I did not see men within the USA and France `getting excited’. We’ve not sent the film to the Indian censors nonetheless however i’m assured the CBFC can perceive the thought behind them and agree that they’re integral to the narrative. We aren’t ashamed of those scenes.”

Radhika Apte’s nude scenes leaked

Radhika Apte's nude scenes leaked on Internet

This isn’t the primary time Radhika’s nude scenes are leaked on-line. Last year, a clip from Anurag Kashyap’s 20-minute short film created its thanks to the web too. The cyber cell had registered a case against associate degree unknown person for unseaworthy the clip.

Anurag’s film was a part of a collection that featured prime administrators from countries like Japan, Chile, Australia and Mexico with the continual theme of `forbidden love.’ it had been meant to unleash solely within the international market and was impressed by a real story. The sequence in question was solely a number of seconds long and had the role player lifting her dress to show her lower front half. It had been absolutely non-sexual and, sensitive to his role player, Anurag had recorded it with an all women crew. Even throughout the post-production, the sequence was either sent blank or pixelated therefore no one would even grasp who it featured. The film was delivered to the big apple around March 2015 and out of obscurity the video popped up on-line. Anurag had got here bit with then metropolis commissioner, Rakesh Maria, and also the cybercrime branch took it on as prime priority. Facebook and Whatsapp were additionally written to and also the video was eventually started out.

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