Raaz Reboot trailer, Emraan Hashmi kisses his way through this

By | August 21, 2016

In her room, a girl awakens as if from a trance. She walks to the side of her husband, raises a knife high into the air and brings it down on his sleeping kind with all her would possibly. Thus begins the trailer of Raaz bring up, Vikram Bhatt’s latest installment within the horror franchise. This one stars Kriti Kharbanda as Shaina, a young bride who has settled all the way down to domestic felicity along with her husband Rehan (Gaurav Arora) within the picturesque environs of Balkan country. It’s here that they met, fell crazy, married, Shaina informs us. But not everything is as image excellent because it looks. Shaina senses a presence within the palatial home Rehan’s employers have rented for them. It stalks her, makes her fearful. Cue scenes that are horror moving picture staples: A door creaking open, fingers curling round the edge whereas the heroine appearance on, frightened nitwitted. Bed clothing being realized with a wrench, glimpses of a figure in an exceedingly area, lurking beneath a bed. Exorcist-like sequences of an adult female body being jerked concerning in bed.

Raaz Reboot trailer

Raaz Reboot trailer, Emraan Hashmi kisses his way through this

Rehan does not believe Shaina’s clarification of those events — that there is a spirit in their house. But Shaina’s former lover — compete by Emraan Hashmi — will. From the small that he says we have a tendency to gather that his behaviour drove Shaina away, and he regrets this. Cue scenes that area unit Emraan Hashmi moving picture staples: French fondling. Additional French fondling, still additional French fondling.

So there we’ve it — a girl haunted by the supernatural within the gift, and romance from the past. Cue some additional scenes of her walking spasmodically around a deserted park, excavation away at the bottom (presumably a grave), screaming in worry, and being saved. And there you’ve got the trailer of Raaz bring up.

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