Raaz Reboot Movie Interview with Kriti

By | September 10, 2016

Matching Emraan Hashmi kiss for kiss in ‘Raaz Reboot‘, the newest instalment of the ‘Raaz’ franchise is Bollywood’s newest realize Kriti Kharbanda. Not your regular debutante, kriti is goofy, gregarious and carries her high status with ease that solely adds to her charm. During this interview, she reveals however actresses who star in horror flicks is most over simply scream queens. It has been shot on a grand scale. Once the film starts, you see a frozen lake and a mansion. We’ve braved extreme climate and shot in Rumania for 60 days. Besides that, this film has additional raaz, anger and hurt. There’s additional pressure on us because the previous 3 instalments are productive, thus this must be larger. Sadly, individuals do not think about the horror genre industrial. And most actors aren’t getting to explore this genre in their entire career.

In spite of being associate A-rated film occupation to a restricted audience, ‘Raaz’ created vast profits once the 100-crore club wasn’t even within the image.

Movie Raaz Reboot Movie Interview


It had fabulous music, however that alone cannot pull you to a theatre. The statistics prove that the genre enjoys a loyal set of viewership. I’m hoping to recreate the magic, draw an equivalent audience and additional. Our audience has become broad-minded and such things aren’t any longer thought-about a taboo. Caressing is simply a feeling and cannot be looked down upon. Also, the film isn’t sleazy. What you see within the trailer is all that is there in it. Come on, we were underneath four layers of covering. Our film is additional concerning suspense and horror.

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