Priyanka Chopra shuts down her American accent debate

By | July 28, 2016

Ever since the first trailer of Quantico landed all those months past, we’ve got not detected the top of jokes/memes/comments regarding her accent. She went from being a fledgling in American to the star of ABC to landing her debut in Hollywood in Baywatch to a world star however the jokes regarding her American accent refused to travel away. AIB’s Tanmay Bhat complete on weekday night that whereas Priyanka is prepared to require this joke on her chin, her fans aren’t therefore accommodating.

So, Priyanka had to handle some good-natured ribbing from IIFA hosts Shahid Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar however once Tanmay took a dig at her on weekday, he had to face the ire of her fans. “When I say @priyankachopra’s name in my head I currently mechanically pronounce it like ‘Priyaaaanka Chopruh’,” he wrote. Priyanka, United Nations agency has evidenced within the past that her sense of humour is very spirited was fast to reply, “I’m supposed to have the accent @thetanmay what happened to u?

Priyanka Chopra on Tanmay Bhatt’s fun

Priyanka Chopra shuts down her American accent debate

Lol.” whereas this good-natured back and forth was happening, some serious angling began and therefore the target, of course, was Tanmay. “PC fans, kyu mujhpe chadh rahe ho, it absolutely was meant to be a compliment what’s wrong with a number of you shy,” the comic wrote. Quantico’s Alex painter had to step in before things went out of hand. “Guys it absolutely was a joke!! From me and him!! Comedy is that the smartest style of entertainment! And @thetanmay has it down! Xoxo,” Priyanka tweeted.


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