Priyanka Chopra shares experience of playing baddie in ‘Baywatch’

By | September 30, 2016

After bewitching her fans along with her killer action in American heroic tale series ‘Quantico’, Priyanka Chopra is ready to point out her dark aspect in her Hollywood debut ‘Baywatch’. Looking all excited to show into a theatrical role and talking concerning her character Victoria within the film, PeeCee same “She is extraordinarily female, very evil, extraordinarily delectable, artful and superior, that isn’t in any respect Alex (her character from Quantico). These are utterly completely different individuals,” reports Interview Magazine. “Victoria is powerful as a result of she has minions. She has individuals do her dirty work. She does not verify a way to get results, she simply gets them. She does not have morality. But also … it is a comedy,” other the 34-year-old player.

Priyanka Chopra About Baywatch


Speaking concerning the expertise of depiction a negative character, the ‘Mary Kom’ star same, “It was such a lot fun to be ready to produce Victoria in Baywatch. It had been awful to bring that black evil into their positive, stunning world.” Talking concerning however it had been operating with director Seth Gordon, she said, “It was such a lot fun. Seth Gordon, the director, is large a collaborator, and same with rag Safran, for that matter, on Quantico-I’ve been terribly lucky that the individuals I’ve worked with are such collaborators once it involves my characters.”

Adding, “It wasn’t ever troublesome being Victoria, it had been simply making. And also the joy of making is that the truest joy. I do not get pleasure from being told what to try to, i am not that sort of actor, and I am a thinking actor. I would like to figure with those who have the power to try to that. Each Seth and rag extremely have a way of belief in what I rouse the table. I am terribly grateful that they need that in American state.”

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