Pooja Hegde down with dengue, can’t promote Mohenjo Daro

By | July 26, 2016

Mohenjo Daro heroine Pooja Hegde, who is enjoying Chaani during this Hrithik Roshan film, is reportedly littered with dengue and can not be ready to be an area of promotional activities. Pooja was busy promoting the Ashutosh Gowariker film once she was diagnosed. A supply told Deccan Chronicle, “It was 3 to four days ago that she was diagnosed with infectious disease. She was unwell for a couple of days and determined to bear a couple of tests. She had already committed and given her nod to multiple icon shoots and appearances however can currently have to be compelled to back out. the manufacturers of the film have, however, been terribly cordial, asking her to require her time to recover before jumping back to action.”

Pooja Hegde down with dengue

Pooja Hegde down with dengue, can't promote Mohenjo Daro

This is progressing to hit the promotional activities of Mohenjo Daro. Recalling however Pooja affected him once they met for the primary time, Hrithik had narrated throughout film’s launch, “The 1st time I met Pooja was at a photograph session wherever we have a tendency to interact professionally. And within the shoot we have a tendency to have to seem into every others eyes and build a romantic moment for Ashutosh’s camera and that i was stunned. I even have worked with tons of co-stars however the sort of spirit and sort of purity of simply being just in case of Pooja was one thing that affected me. And at that moment I knew for a proven fact that Pooja is extremely special, a rare talent and a stunning one who can go a protracted method within the business,”


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