Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch murdered in Multan

By | July 16, 2016

Fouzia additionally referred to as Qandeel Baloch has been dead in keeping with the Regional policeman, according Saturday. The Regional policeman has declared that the social media celebrity has been killed and also the reason is unknown. Fouzia has been smothered to death by her brother in her house in Multan. It ought to be mentioned here that she has been dead 3 days when her 3 marriages that were unbroken underneath the wraps were discovered. Dunya News had obtained her wedding certificate on weekday from 2008 with an area named Aashiq Hussain who hails from Kot Addu. Daily when the news surfaced, another man name Shahid Iqbal from Peshawar claimed that she married him thirteen years ago and was married to a person before him. Fouzia had admitted to at least one wedding during an oral communication with Dunya News identical day. Shahid Iqbal had claimed that Fouzia eloped with him and that they got married through court.

Qandeel Baloch murdered

Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch murdered in Multan

It ought to be mentioned here that she is survived by a son with Aashiq Hussain from the wedding in 2008 that resulted in divorce in 2010. She ne’er took her son in when the divorce speech communication that she couldn’t keep him. Sources have according that Fouzia had requested Home Ministry in early July to supply her security as she was receiving threats. Reportedly, she was alienated from her family as they took offense to her videos on social media and failed to encourage her being within the news for various reasons.

Last month, her name surfaced during a difference of opinion once her footage with Ruet-i-Hilal Committee s member Mufti Abdul Qavi saw the sunshine of the day. Mufti Qavi was suspended from his post following the incident and received flak from completely different sections but, whereas lecture Dunya News solely nowadays, he aforesaid that he had forgiven her for being the explanation for his dislodgment from post.


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