Pak model Qandeel’s brother arrested

By | July 17, 2016

Lahore, Jul 17 (PTI) The brother of Pakistans social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch has been inactive for giving medication and strangulating to death the model for bringing “shame” to the family by posting sexy videos and posts on Facebook, reigniting discussion on a spate of honour killings that has infested the country. 26-year-old Qandeels younger brother Muhammad Waseem was inactive in Dera Ghazi Khan district of geographical area Province late last night. He was later conferred before media wherever he confessed that he narcotised and smothered his sister. Waseem, 25, aforesaid that he killed her as she brought “dishonour to the Baloch name” because of sexy videos and statements that she denotes on social media.

Qandeel’s brother arrested

“There were different problems in addition…Like the Maulvi issue,” he said, in an understandable relation to an argument close Qandeels selfies with Mufti Abdul Qavi, that hit the headlines last month. Her moot photos recently junction rectifier to the suspension of Mufti Qawis membership from the Ruet-e-Hilal committee, a prime spiritual body. “She wasnt aware i used to be killing her. I gave her a pill and so smothered her,” he said. The actor-cum-model was smothered to death in her house in Multans Karimabad space within the early hours yesterday.

Qandeel's brother Qandeel's brother arrested

Qandeels father, Muhammad Azeem, had lodged the FIR and named his 2 sons for killing her in Multan wherever she had come back from metropolis to measure along with her folks on the occasion of Eid. In his police grievance, Qandeels father aforesaid Waseem killed her as he was against her operating in showbiz. The father alleged that Waseem had taken this extreme step at the bidding of his brother Mahomet Aslam Shaheen. City police officer Azhar Akram aforesaid the younger brother fled when the crime to Dera Ghazi Khan with 2 of his friends.

Police was finding out the chums conjointly. Qandeel came from a humble background and have become a social media sensation. She had received threats from her family to quit modelling and stop her provocative appearances on social media. Her brother had been threatening her over her Facebook posts and videos, the police aforesaid. Three weeks past, she had written to the inside minister, the director general of the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) and therefore the senior superintendent of capital of Pakistan asking them to produce security to her. Her real name was Fouzia Azeem however she selected Qandeel Baloch as her name when getting into modelling.

Qandeel became notable through her tireless self-promotion and suggestive “selfies” denote on social media and had accumulated tens of thousands of followers. Meanwhile, arrangements ar being created to send Qandeels body to her town of sovereign Saddardin in Dera Ghazi  Khan for burial. Honour killing is common in pakistan and each year many girls ar killed by male relatives for allegedly dishonouring the family.

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