Nepali ‘Tarkariwali’ Has Twitter’s Attention After Pakistani ‘Chaiwala’

By | November 3, 2016

Move over Arshad Khan, there is a new on-line sensation who is creating all the headlines currently. Just weeks ago, Islamabad’s blue-eyed ‘chaiwalla’ set billions of hearts a-flutter once an image of him went microorganism on-line. Now, Mr. Khan is searching for simply, however, fickle social media love may be. Twitter’s heart currently beats for a girl from an Asian country. Meet the #Tarkariwali (that’s, however, Twitter refers to her now) who is that the current object of social media’s warm-heartedness. And rather like Mr. Khan, she too went microorganism on social media. Now, Twitter would greatly wish to understand who she is whereas put together light-headed over her. Until the identity of the ‘tar Kari wali’ is unconcealed, take a glance at what Twitter’s speech regarding her.

Nepali ‘Tarkariwali’ Has Twitter’s Attention


Credits – Ravinepz

Very like Arshad Khan, somebody noticed this ‘tarkariwali’ and shared her image on-line. In line with The Gundruk Post, Rupchandra Mahajan clicked the woman’s image close to the ‘Fishling span between Gorkha and Chitwan.’

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