Monica Dogra’s released video about women empowerment

By | May 26, 2016

Monica Dogra, who is very well known Actress and American Singer, has released a new video to empower the women. Actress-singer Monica Dogra goes to collaborate with Reshma Gajjar , who has worked with international pop stars Madonna and Ricky Martin for her forthcoming album. The ‘Dhobi Ghat’ actress has already shot for a song titled ‘Shiver’, that is regarding women’s empowerment. Monica has roped in Reshma to play the protagonist furthermore as choreograph the video. In a daily, Monica has discovered, “Reshma is my long-time friend and collaborator. I reached dead set her, and she or he counseled bush city from a thought dance performance trio. bush and that i had one or two of Skype chats, and that i set to rent her to choreograph the video. Then, as a result of fund constraints, she schooled Reshma the choreography, and that i flew Reshma down as my principle creator and dancer.”

This is pretty great that people these days are getting broad minded and they are taking western culture in their lifestyle. This is the sign to development for the women empowerment and this is the only way to make women more powerful as men are. There is full fledge need to equality of gender.

Monica Dogra’s released video

It is a great step ahead for women equality and these celebrities are utilising their fame for more developed world. This is really cool that they are thinking more about the world and society rather than their acting or any other professional carrier.

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