Kapil Sharma Tweets Put Him In Trouble

By | September 12, 2016

When Kapil Sharma sent out his currently ill-famed ‘Ye hain aapke acche din?’ tweet to Prime minister Narendra Modi, he might not have proverbial the extent of the arguing it might trigger. From being hailed as a crusader against corruption (his tweet to Modi was prefaced with one wherever Sharma alleged that he had been asked for a Rs five large integer bribe by BMC officers so as to construct his workplace house in Mumbai) the favored comedian found himself on the opposite aspect of the dock — wherever he currently stands defendant of nonlocal constructions at his properties, flouting environmental norms and facing a prospective FIR.

Kapil Sharma in Trouble


Just however did Kapil Sharma’s tweet boomerang therefore spectacularly? However did he go from hero targeting corruption to changing into a target of accusations of wrongdoing? His allegations at the start caught the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation on the back foot, and though some mention was fabricated from Sharma’s workplace structure being an unauthorized construction, officers aforesaid it might take them your time to retort very well. The 18-storey structure (DLH Enclave) is at the centre of an investigation by the BMC, that has aforesaid that there are irregularities in its construction. A FIR may well be filed against the developer and therefore the flat-owners during this regard, when that the civic body could demolish the building altogether. Sharma is additionally in hassle specifically for creating nonlocal alterations to his flat Sharma, alongside either alternative residents were apparently sent notices for incorporating the car parking zone space into their flats.

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