Kalabhairav Jayanti 2016: All About The Kala Bhairav Jayanti

By | November 21, 2016

Kala Bhairava Jayanti 2016 – November 21 (Monday), Kala Bhairav Ashtami is additionally referred to as Bhairav Ashtami, Bhairava Jayanti and Kala-Bhairava Ashtami. It falls on the eighth lunar day of the Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) within the Hindu month of kartik. It’s a religious holiday ceremonial the birthday of Lord Bhairava, the fierce manifestation of Shiva.

According to a legend the Trimurti i.e. Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesh were discussing on who was superior of all of them. Within the heated discussion, Shiva felt displeased by the remarks created by Brahma and commanded Bhairava to sever one among Brahma’s 5 heads. Bhairava obeyed Shiva’s orders .Thus Brahma became four headed. Bhairava’s sin of Brahmhatya was expiated once he reached the Holy City of Varanasi once wandering throughout the globe. There are several temples in Varanasi dedicated to Lord Bhairava.

Kalabhairav Jayanti 2016


By worshiping Lord Shiva within the type of Kala Bhairava one will get obviate all the misfortune. The fan enjoys all spherical success and is exempted from his sins. Lord Bhairava, Shiva and his consort Parvati are worshiped with flowers, fruits and sweets. Dogs (vehicle of Lord Bhairava) also are fed milk and food. Dead ancestors are remembered and offered oblations on at the moment.

The Shaivites take ritual tub within the morning and perform Puja. Devotees quick throughout the day and perform Jagaran at midnight. Kaalbhairav Katha is recited by the devotees. They conjointly perform Bhairva Aarti at the hours of darkness together with ancient musical instruments. A large perform is organized at Bhairav Prasad Temple in Vaishno Devi each year. In Varanasi variant cultural programs and prayers are ascertained.

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