Just we need to move on and stop arguing uselessly: Kangana’s lawyer

By | April 27, 2016

Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut’s legal battle appears to be taking a replacement flip daily currently. With statements being issued and counter-statements being sent out, the battle has turned murkier. However, as per the newest statement issued by Kangana’s attorney, it sounds like the 2 parties have set to not issue more media statements. After the disclose of the pictures, her lawyer gives statement as, “First associated foremost i want to grasp World Health Organization is representing Hrithik Roshan as an Advocate on record, because the Advocate appears to possess been modified. The new Advocate ought to step forward and provides a correct statement in his name, in order that we tend to don’t see legal statements being issued on property right by anonymous persons. Besides what do they mean by stating that the image is photoshopped or doctored. Do they mean that it’s not Kangana within the image or is it not Hrithik or is it their claim that the expressions or the visual communication of either Kangana or Hrithik are altered. They have to be specific as a result of the photograph was meant to prove a degree that Hrithik had blatantly song not knowing my consumer Kangana socially in the least. That time has been sufficiently proven all told respects and thus we’d like to plan on and stop disputation uselessly.

Kangana’s lawyer Statement over the Photos

Just we need to move on and stop arguing uselessly Kangana's lawyer

In any event we’d like everybody to grasp that some folk have started intervening within the matter and need the concern be resolved amicably. Therefore, to finish the matter on a positive note we tend to shall not be giving any more statement to the media on the aforementioned matter, because the same has additionally been assured from their aspect.”

It’s been heard from few days that Hrithik’s ex wife is covering him too and protecting him against kangana renaut. Well this may be just a rumor till date, stay tuned with us for more bollywood gossips and spicy news.


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