Iru Mugan Movie Review

By | September 9, 2016

If Anand Shankartablet’s previous film Arima Nambi had echoes of K Bhagyarajtablet’s Rudhra, the set-up of his Iru Mugan remembers that of Kamal Haasantablet’s Vikram. A secret agent is tasked with work and interference a villainous plot. The mastermind behind the plot is that the man who killed his married person, and hetablet’s currently conducting his operation from a distant nation. So, the officer needs to go there with a feminine brother in tow and save the day. Here, ittablet’s Akilan (Vikram, with beard), a RAW agent Who goes once malaysia to capture Love (Vikram, with prosthetics), An syndicalist and a superb data regarding chemicals, to penalize the murder of his married person Meera (Nayanthara, whose character feels underwritten despite a terrific twist). Hetablet’s attended on this mission by Ayushi (Nithya Menen, in an exceedingly rather minor role), a tyro officer.

Iru Mugan Movie Review

With Arima Nambi, Anand Shankar showed us that he incorporates an aptitude for Hollywood-ish action thrillers. Iru Mugan, too, sounds like one thing that Hollywood might need return up with. There tablet’s a high-concept involving a brilliant drug that will increase one tablet’s epinephrine and turns normal men into supermen for 5 minutes. The villain is an extraordinary figure who appears to bask in evil acts not out of any agenda, however a lot of as a result of he relishes the chaos he will produce within the world. There tablet’s additionally a creative twist involving the heroine thattablet’s really borrowed from quick & Furious 6. The characters look stylish and also the visuals have a luster that do not typically see in our films here.


But, in contrast to the primary half Arima Nambi, wherever Anand sitar player hardly deviated from the plot, here, maybe as a result of hetablet’s operating with a star, he settles for compromises — forced comedy by Thambi Ramaiah, Who seems as a cop in Asian country, that sits anxiously with the seriousness of the herotablet’s mission (it may be a stark distinction to what the director achieved with MS Bhaskar in Arima Nambi); a melodramatic character, contend by Riythvika, Who appears to own born in from another film (perhaps Kabali, only if she plays the same character here); the convenience with that Akilan and Ayushi trace the whereabouts of affection, Who is constructed up to be a crafty person; clumsy exposition thattablet’s provided through a personality (Karunakaran) Who appears to exist only for this purpose ie the guy works for the villain, however is barely too desperate to tell everything he is aware of his plans to the hero.

The many logic leaps (for example, the just about wizard recovery by the hero within the climax once taking the super drug, that we tend to are told leaves an individual drained for hours once the five-minute mark).

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