Indian Govt. put ban on Rs 500, Rs 1,000 notes

By | November 9, 2016

Last evening, PM Modi proclaimed that each one Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes can stop to be legal from 9 November. New Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 notes are going to be issued on 10 November. Adding to your woes are ATMs and banks that may be shut these days. So, it’s quite attainable that a number of your much stranded with little or no or no cash. But, in today’s smartphone and digital age, it isn’t tough to travel cashless. Rather here’s however you’ll be able to swimmingly make it the day with none money, be it travel, food, groceries, movies, and so on. The number of mobile wallets are growing exponentially, and then is that the network of merchants and services mistreatment them. Today, we’ve additional choices than ever before, and it’s time we benefit of the cashless world.

Ban on Rs 500, Rs 1,000 notes



To begin with, if you reside in Bengaluru, the smallest amount you’ll expect is that the motor vehicle driver giving back your amendment, which is that if he agrees to ply on the meter. This is often one among the explanations several take services like Uber and writing paper. These services have created travel simple, not simply because the ride reaches your doorsteps, however you’ll be able to simply pay mistreatment Paytm and writing paper cash severally. For instance, you’ll be able to sign in for a Paytm then link it together with your Uber account. You’ll be able to simply add cash (monthly transactions surpassing Rs 10,000 would force KYC) to the notecase mistreatment your debit/credit cards or net banking. Likewise, Meru supports Citrus Pay additionally as Paytm. After all, isn’t it less complicated to use your mobile cash to render actual amendment rather than scuffling over a couple of 10s or 100s once you are already running late? Or we could say Rs 500s and 1000s, for today? Overall, it’s additional concerning convenience and that’s the rationale why Paytm, Citrus Pay and OlaMoney are operating splendidly once it involves payments for a taxi rides.

Nitin Mishra of Paytm, had told tech2, “The growth is attributed to 2 factors – convenience and security. Firstly, paying on-line employing a credit/debit card may be a longer procedure involving 16 digit range, CVV, OTP and then on.” Mobile wallets alter the method with one-click transfers. If you commute by subway, and also the smartcard desires a recharge, you’ll be able to simply do this on-line via Freecharge (Android, iOS). PayUMoney (Android, iOS) also can be used once creating travel bookings on Yatra, Cleartrip and MakeMytrip. Redbus that’s one among the favored bus booking services has its own notecase too. PayU has over 1,800 payment specialists based mostly in native markets supporting PayU’s 200,000+ merchants and also the voluminous customers creating on-line payments. Most of those mobile wallets provide cashback, which suggests share of the number is transferred back to your account post payment. You’ll additionally realize many offers that may allow you to head to brick and mortar shops and create payments mistreatment mobile wallets. To driver any growth, most of those mobile wallets have many offers running synchronous so you create the most effective of them.

The approach we use mobile phones has modified hugely and doubtless once a couple of hiccups, we’re finally obtaining comfy creating payments via mobile phones. With the comfort level set in, a phone remodeling into a way of payment is simply natural, and it’ll be a gradual method.

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