Happy Womens Day 2016 HD Wallpaper SMS Wishes

By | February 22, 2016

Happy Womens Day 2016 HD Wallpaper SMS Wishes :- International Working Women’s Day, is celebrated every year on March 8. Women today are more capable, independent and liberated than those of the previous era. They have redefined gender roles, claimed more power and freedom for themselves and proved their potential to the fullest. Men and women give flowers, postcards with poetry, chocolate, and other pleasant gifts to their mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters and daughters. The owner of the factory where these women were working, trying to avoid publicity of their action, closed them in the factory. Unfortunately, fire broke up and 129 women died. Celebrate Women’s Day by wishing her, greeting her, and making her feel how important and special she is. Send her your warmest greetings and wishes and make her Women’s Day bright. Read on and choose your wishes for this Women’s Day. However, in the process of fighting for equality and carving a niche for themselves, it’s usually their health that takes a toll on them. Let’s make this country more amazing more women and they love to live.

Happy Womens Day 2016 HD Wallpaper

Happy Womens Day 2016 HD Wallpaper 92 Happy Womens Day 2016 HD Wallpaper SMS 3 Happy Womens Day 2016 HD Wallpaper SMS Wishes Happy Womens Day 2016 HD Wallpaper SMS Wishes1 Happy Womens Day 2016 HD Wallpaper SMS Happy Womens Day 2016 HD Wallpaper Happy Womens Day 2016

Happy Womens Day 2016 SMS

We are cute duaghters,
we are sweet sisters,
we are lovely lovers,
we are darling wives,
we are adorable mothers,
we are source of strength,
we are women
Happy Women’s Day

उरत का इस दुनिआ और उस दुनिआ में मान है,
औरत एक बहिन है,
एक बेटी है, एक पत्नी है,
औरत के बिना कुछ भी नहीं,
ये जहाँ है—

On this special day, celebrate life.
Take a break from your busy schedule.
Let your hair down, have fun and do
what your heart says. Coz today is your day.
Have a great Women’s Day

Happy Womens Day 2016 Wishes

ए औरत तुझे क्या कहु तेरी हर
बात निराली है, तू एक ऐसा पौदा
है जिस घर रहे वह हरियाली
ही हरियाली है, तेरी शान में
सिर्फ इतना कह सकते हैं, तेरी
ऊंचाइयों के सामने आसमान भी
नहीं रह सकता है, मेरा सिर्फ
इतना सा एक पैगाम है, ए औरत
तुझे मेरा सर झुका कर सलाम है.

किसी के घर में बेटी बनकर जनम,
लेती है, बाप की इज़्ज़त माँ की,
परछाई बन कर रहती है,
अपने भाइयों के साथ हस्ती खेलती,
है, इन्ही ऋषि नाटो को ये अपनी
दुनिआ समझ लेती है, ये औरत
न जाने कितने रिश्तो में सिमट जाती
है, एक नन्ही सी जान खानदानों को
चलती है.

दिलो में बस जाये वो मोहब्बत हु,
कबि बहिन कबि ममता की मूरत हु,
मेरे आँचल में हैं सजे चाँद सितारे,
माँ की कदमो में बसी एक जन्नत हु,
हर रंग रूप में ढल कर सवार जाऊ,
सब्र की मिसाल हर रिश्ते की ताक़त हु,
अपने हौसलों से तक़दीर को बदल दू,
सुन्न ले ए दुनिआ हाँ मै एक औरत हु.

You can do almost anything you put your mind to …
You can swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest peak …
Be a doctor or fly a plane
You can face adversity and still walk tall.
You are strong, beautiful, compassionate and much more than words could ever say!
Today is yours, and so is ever other day…
Happy Women’s Day!


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