Happy varuthini ekadashi Pictures SMS and Vrat Katha In Hindi

By | April 30, 2016

Happy varuthini ekadashi Pictures SMS and Vrat Katha In Hindi :- Varuthini Ekadashi is a Hindu holy day which is celebrated with happiness. It falls on 11th lunar day on the fortnight of the waning moon in Hindu month. The greatness regarding Varuthini Ekadashi is narrated by the god Krishna to the King Yudhishtira within the Bhavishya Purana. The ekadashi can flip a lame person to steer unremarkably, associate unfortunate lady into a lucky one, animal would be discharged from its cycle of birth and death. King Mandata was enlightened. The Ikshvaku king Dhundhumara was freed was from a curse by the god Shiva. All individuals area unit assured of prosperity during this life and therefore the next. within the order of donations created on this present day, the order of superior edges area unit derived within the ascending order of advantages given specifically, a horse, associate elephant, land, benne seeds, food grains, gold, giving a female offspring in charity, and cows and at last the best profit would be achieved by sharing one’s information with others. All such charitable actions would please one’s ancestors, the gods and every one living entities.

Varuthini ekadashi SMS

On Varuthni Ekadasi, I wish Vamana Bhagwan
To fight against all odds, evils and enemies and
you emerge out as a winner.
You Gains confidence and wisdom and is respected
and recognized in your sphere of work. ?

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

वरुथिनी एकादशी हमारे जीवन के
सारे पाप नष्ट करके जीवन में सौभाग्य लाये
और हमे मोक्ष का मार्ग दिखाये
शुभ वरुथिनी एकादशी ?

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

Tal vaje,Mrudung vaje. Vaje Haricha Veena !!
Mauli nighale Pandhar pura,
Mukhane Vittal Vittal bola !! !!
Jay Jay Ram Krushna Hari !!
Happy ! Aashadi Ekadashi

Varuthini ekadashi Pictures


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Varuthini Ekadashi Vrat Katha 

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