Happy Nepali teej festival 2016 songs wishes images SMS

By | September 1, 2016

Happy Nepali teej celebration 2073 SB and get ready for Nepalese ladies parv competition 2016. Nepali teej sms in Nepali, tij desires in Nepali. Haritalika messages in Nepali for 2073 and Teej celebration in Nepal 2073 are available here. Get Nepali Teej SMS standing messages Quotes Messages 2073, Nepali mahilaharu parva SMS standing, Teej standing In Nepali, Teej acknowledgment Quotes in Nepalese, Teej Best desires for Nepal. Teej is incredibly special occasion for all Nepali Hindus ladies. We are able to say “tij parva” in Nepali language. Teej may be a competition that is widely known by solely ladies. So, its women’s competition, celebrated in Nepal and Republic of India. Teej competition falls once a year within the month of August or early September. Per Nepali calendar it falls in bhadra mahina. It is a competition that happens in 3 day. Teej competition is 3 day competition. Tij parba ends on the fifth day of the brightening moon.

Happy Nepali teej festival 2016

Nepali ladies is celebrating tij competition in Nepal for one day. Nepali Nari ladies is taking quick on this present day. We celebrate Teejfestival once a year within the Nepali month of Bhadhau. On the occasion of Nepali Tij Celebration, we can send Nepali TijWishes standing flavourer Quotes 2073 to any or all Nepali ladies to would like Happy Teejin Nepal. This Haritalika day is totally dedicate to Nepalese hindus ladies and create them terribly Happy.

Happy Nepali Teej Wishes

barsha din ko antaral pachhi
tij aayo barilai
nariharuko muharma hanso, khushi
chhayo barilai
didi bahinisangai rastra
dherai bhathyo naramailo
deshle ballla aananda ra
ullash payo barilai

happy teej parba 2073

How to say happy teej in Nepal

Happy Teej festival 2073
happy teej festival 2016
happy tij parba 2073
happy tij parva 2073
happy teej parv Nepal 2073
celebrate teej festival in nepal
celebrate teej festivla in India

maile manaye teej timile manayau tij maile manaye babu ko mukh herne din timile manayau babu ko mukh herne din timi panu gauchhau geet ma pani gauchhu geet timi pani nach teej ma ma pani nachchhu tij ma tyaso bhaye kin na manaune hami sabai miler Nepali teej happy teej festival 2016 happy teej festival 2073

मैले मनाएँ तिज तिमीले मनायौ तिज मैले मनाए बाबुको मुख हेर्ने दिन तिमीले मनायौ बाबुको मुख हेर्ने दिन तिमी पनि गाउँछौ गीत म पनि गाउँछु गीत तिमी पनि नाच तिजमा म पनि नाच्छु तजिमा त्यसो भए किन न मनाउने हामी सबै मिलेर नेपली तीज Teej ko Shubhakamana

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