Happy National Child Health Day 2016 Activities and Coloring Pages

By | September 19, 2016

According to CNN, “Just like meditation,coloring also allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts,” which has been proven beneficial for adults who are consistently burning the candle at both ends. The heart is an important organ and requires healthy foods and daily exercise to remain strong.  Help children learn that the heart is a muscle and needs daily exercise to help it stay strong.  Building a strong heart is a combination of healthy food choices and being active. The joy of coloring is being recognized by “grown-ups,” everywhere, as they reach for their Crayolas in moments of idleness or stress. Nowadays, you are just as likely to see an adult scribbling in a book full of rainbow hues while in a waiting room or restaurant as you are a young child. But why the coloring sensation? Kids will have fun learning about the foods and activities that makes the heart very happy with our collection of Happy National Child Health Day 2016 Activities and Coloring Pages.

National Child Health Day Coloring Pages

Likened to art therapy, adult coloring is said to relieve the anxieties and tensions associated with day-to-day living. The gentle stimulation and minimal activity helps to soothe a running mind, while giving it something to focus on that is relaxing.

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