Happy bhishma Ashtami Wishes Images and ekadasi story

By | February 12, 2016

Friends, here we got some new collections of bhishma wishes and ekadasi story too. As we know Bheeshma died on Ashtami day so how could he give the Upadesh of Vishnu Sahasrnamam on Ekadasi day which succeeds ashtami. Some scholars say that Bheeshma Ekadas thithi is celebrated as a mark of respect to the noble soul. Beeshma Nirryana took place on Ashtami day succeeding Ratha Sapthami. It is important to mention that Drik Panchang doesn’t question the timing of the day of Makar Sankranti. Makar Sankranti which is marked based on Sidereal Zodiacs is appropriate and as per Vedic rules. Keep celebrating this day with all of your loved ones and make them feel awesome. This is the day of Makar Sankranti should not be confused or mixed with Winter Solstice. These all festivals are somewhere related to each other and due to which, this paper has tried to clarify that at the time of Mahabharata, Hindus were observing two separate religious events known as Sankranti and Uttarayana. If it were not the case “Bhishma Ashtami is observed on Magha Shukla Ashtami and it was the first day of Uttarayana which Bhishma Pitamaha chose to leave his body” would not make any sense. He waited for Ratha Sapthami even after Uttarayanam started because on this day the suns movement takes place in a north easterly direction. The next day he invoked his boon of Swachanda maranam. This is the huge story of the ekadasi and you can get the more information about these festivals here. Just you need to stay tuned with us and make your life more connected with God.

bhishma Ashtami Wishes

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Happy-Bhishma-Ashtami images

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Bishma Ashtami Fast Story

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