Gauri Puja 2016 Decoration Images and Puja Vidhi

By | September 1, 2016

Gauri Puja is performed in several households throughout ganesh Chaturthi competition in Maharashtra. In 2016, Gauri Avahan in on September 8, 2016. Gowri Puja is on Sept month 9 and Gouri Visarjan is on Sept 10, 2016. Immortal Gauri or Gowri is another name for immortal Anapurna, the mother of Ganesh. However in Gauri Puja throughout Vinayaka Chaturthi in sure components of Maharashtra, particularly in Pune, immortal Gauri is that the sister of Ganesh. Arrival of immortal Gauri in homes is claimed to bring health, wealth, happiness and prosperity. 2 idols of immortal Gauri are brought home and adored and therefore the arrival is thought to be the approaching of the sisters of Ganesh by some communities. Some individuals believe that it’s immortal Anapurna, mother of Ganesh.

Gauri Puja 2016 Decoration Images

2016 Jyeshtha Gauri Puja Timings

Jyeshtha Gauri Avahana Muhurat = 06:28 to 18:43
Jyeshtha Gauri Pooja on 09 September 2016, Friday
Jyeshtha Gauri Visarjana on 10 September 2016, Saturday
Anuradha Nakshatra Begins = 01:38 on 09 September 2016
Anuradha Nakshatra Ends = 04:26 on 09 September 2016

2016 Jyeshtha Gauri Puja Panchang

08 September 2016, Thursday
Bhadrapada Amanta Month
Bhadrapada Purnimanta Month
1938 Durmukha Shaka Samvat
2073 Saumya Vikram Samvat
2072 Gujarati Samvat

Sunrise and Moonrise

Sunrise: 06:28
Sunset: 18:43
Moonrise: 11:55
Moonset: 23:31

Nakshatra and Tithi

Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha
Saptami Tithi upto 04:18 on 09 September 2016
Anuradha Nakshatra upto 04:26 on 09 September 2016
Vaidhriti Yoga upto 11:13
Surya Nakshatra Purva Phalguni
Dakshinayana Drik Ayana
Dakshinayana Vedic Ayana


Garaja Karana upto 15:13
Vanija Karana upto 04:18 on 09 September 2016

Sunsign and Moonsign

Simha Sunsign
Vrischika Moonsign

Shubh Muhurat (Auspicious Timings)

Abhijit Muhurat: 12:11 – 13:00
Amrit Kaal: 16:49 – 18:36

Ashubh Muhurat (Inauspicious Timings)

Rahu Kaal: 14:07 – 15:39
Gulikai Kaal: 09:32 – 11:04
Yamaganda: 06:28 – 08:00
Dur Muhurat: 10:33 – 11:22
Dur Muhurat: 15:27 – 16:16

Anandadi Yoga and Tamil Yoga

Ananda Anandadi Yoga upto 04:26 on 09 September 2016
Kaladanda Anandadi Yoga
Siddha Tamil Yoga upto 04:26 on 09 September 2016
Marana Tamil Yoga


Shukra Homahuti
Akasha Agnivasa upto 04:18 on 09 September 2016
Disha Shool South
Rahu Kaal Vasa South
Nakshatra Shool East from 04:26 on 09 September 2016
Chandra Vasa North

The idols of Gauri are brought typically 2 days once the start of Ganesh Chaturthi. It’s placed for 3 days – initial day is that the avahana, next day it’s Satyanarayan puja and on the third day Gauri is immersed in water. Several Hindus would possibly raise associate brow after they hear Gauri as sister of Ganesh. A Gauri Puja is control the day before or on Ganesh Chaturthi in province and in it Gowri is that the mother of Ganesh. In province, immortal Lakshmi and immortal Saraswati are sisters of Ganesh and every one 3 are youngsters of immortal Durga.

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