Fan first day box office collection – Friday opening report

By | April 15, 2016

Today was the first day first screening of Fan Movie 2016 of Shah Rukh Khan. Movie has got the huge opening and great response by the audience. If we believe on some rumors, some of the Anti SRK got converted into SRK fan after watching this movie. This movie does not only get huge opening in india only, also grab the grand opening in international screenings. Movie’s just made the new records and also step the up level of indian bollywood standards. This is the movie which again justify the title of Shah Rukh Khan, as Badshah of Bollywood. If we talk about the movie, we all know well movie is based upon the story of a fan and a celebrity. Amazing thing about the movie Fan 2016 is that it hardly contains 3 or 4 tracks in it and if look at Co-Actress, she holds a small portion of the screenings. Mainly, movie is totally dependable upon Shah Rukh Khan and revolves around the revenge of the insult of a fan, role being played by SRK as well.

Friday Opening Report

Now we are heading towards about the first day collection of Fan Movie 2016. Fan movie complete BO Report includes domestic and also overseas collections, which is the great thing about the content and the screening of it. Movie delivered complete package to audience after being promoted on the lower level. Before the trailer of Fan movie 2016 release date, Fan movie team gives entire details about it. Then they do not pretends something more about the movie, but they proved it very well. This is why people coming out of the theatre have fallen in love with Shah Rukh Khan.

Fan first day box office collection

Fan first day box office collection

So guys, here is report about the Fan movie 2016 Friday opening collection –

  • Fan 2016 Collections (According to higher official collection department)- 20-25 Crores
  • Collections (According to our team of analysts)- 20 Crores and above
  • Overseas (International Screenings) Rs. 6-10 cr

After being faced by the huge critics and issue during the release of this movie, this has got the great reply back by the audience on the basis of performance of Shah Rukh Khan. Actually fan movie 2016 was scheduled to be released in Sept, 2015 but due to some troubles, officials decided to deliver this movie in 2016. This is the reason why people call Shah Rukh Khan, as BADSHAH. He has done a marvelous job in movie and delivers his peak performance in it. One amazing thing about the movie Fan 2016 is that it broke the record of Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Bajrangi Bhaijaan made 27 crores which is far lower than the collection of the Fan Movie 2016. After discussing more about the Fan movie with theater owner, they said that auditorium seats was 80 pre-booked and occupied by online portals audience. They got their tickets by pre-booking and paid much more higher than the actual price of it. Hence this shows the love and craze of the indian audience regards Shah Rukh Khan.

jabra fan song

Not only in India, Shah Rukh Khan have huge fan following outside the india. According to the twitter post, a fan of SRK has got flight from Afghanistan to Islamabad, Pakistan just to watch movie because in Afghanistan there is no any Movie Cinema theatre. This is the peak example of Shah Rukh Khan’s lovers.

Comparing Fan movie with Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Fan movie will fill the budget of it in  just two days, whereas Bajrangi Bhaijaan started it by fourth day after releasing. Fan movie 2016 budget is around 100 crore and it will be easily scored in tomorrow onward screenings. Coming to screens showing Fan movie, this has been shown in 3500 screens in india and around about 700 theatres in overseas market. This is the great opening for the fan movie, we hope for the long race of it in future. If you yet now watched it, do watch guys. You will be satisfied after coming out of the theatre for sure.

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