Dishoom banned in Pakistan

By | July 30, 2016

John Abraham and Varun Dhawan-starrer Dishoom appears to be obtaining a decent response in India with its high masala content. However, pakistan isn’t pleased with this full-on person and has reportedly prohibited Dishoom. The movie that conjointly stars Nargis Fakhri and Jacqueline Fernandez was free in India and worldwide on weekday (July 29). However as feared earlier, the film has been prohibited in Pakistan. Varun aka Junaid Ansari of Dishoom is admittedly upset with this news. The actor took to Twitter to precise constant saying: “Really upset that #Dishoom is prohibited in Pakistan. I don’t suppose the film eventually shows any country in a very bad light. It’s a wrong call.”

Dishoom banned in Pakistan

Varun processed that Dishoom has nothing against Pakistan however as per the country’s censor board, the film has shown Pakistan in a very bad light. Dishoom deals with the snatch of an Indian athlete simply thirty six hours before the ultimate match between Pakistan and India. When the trailer free, eyebrows were raised on the opposite aspect of the border.

Earlier too the actor aforementioned, “I would really like to clear this. There’s no negative reference against pakistan or any community.” He explained, “It may be a terribly positive illustration. In fact, what we tend to are attempting to indicate is that sure enough individuals cash is their faith. It’s not being associate Indian, Pakistani, Hindu, Muslim or Christian. Within the capitalistic world that we tend to board, cash is that the biggest thrust for many crimes.”

Dishoom banned in Pakistan

The forbiddance of Dishoom in Pakistan will definitely be a loss for the film. Meanwhile, another reports conjointly state that Dishoom possesses into censor troubles in some Gulf States.

Earlier in associate interview with, Varun had expressed his need to go to Pakistan in some unspecified time in the future. The actor of course even had a brush with a Pakistan gentleman whereas shooting for Dishoom within the Middle East. A senior gent from Islamabad won’t to drive Varun round the Gulf town and also the actor over up forming a detailed bond with the person.

Varun conjointly spent plenty of your time discussing films with him. “Hindi films are admired in Pakistan and he told me that they watch all our movies and hoped that i’d visit Pakistan sometime. I told him that i’d undoubtedly wish to return. Only recently our Prime Minister too visited Pakistan. Therefore if things become higher in some unspecified time in the future, i’d like to go and visit Pakistan,” Varun then aforementioned.


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