Bollywood is in love with Prisma

By | July 20, 2016

Prisma, that’s the filter that is all over right away. Particularly film industry that this artsy filter has taken by storm. Prisma is that the new app that appears to own created Instagram filters look passé. Prisma permits you to convert your photos into works of art, following the varieties of van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, in keeping with the company’s web site. The app, that was 1st launched on iOS, is currently conjointly obtainable on automaton. These days people loving this app and it was the primary to catch on to the trend once we shared with you the Prisma version of Bollywood’s hot men and girls. Celebs couldn’t resist and their timelines area unit flooded with Prisma photos currently.

Top App, Prisma

Bollywood is in love with Prisma

In fact, it absolutely was simply yesterday (July 19) that Alia Bhatt, who appears to be smitten with this filter, shared an image — created artsy with Prisma to announce the title of her forthcoming Hindu deity Shinde’s film with Shah Rukh Khan, expensive Zindagi.


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