Arundhati Roy’s new novel out in 2017

By | October 4, 2016

Book-lovers in India will rejoice. When a hiatus that stretched into virtually twenty years, writer-activist Arundhati Roy is back. This time, along with her second novel, ‘The Ministry of Utmost Happiness’, which will hit the shelves in June 2017. The announcement was created by publishers Hamish Hamilton UK and sphenisciform seabird India during a Facebook post. This is often her initial work of fiction since ‘The God of small Things’, that had won her the booker prize nineteen years past in 1997. Arundhati Roy was quoted as spoken language, “I am glad to report that the mad souls (even the wicked ones) in ‘The Ministry of Utmost Happiness’ have found how into the globe, which I even have found my publishers.”

Arundhati Roy’s new novel


Meru Gokhale, who is that the Editor-in-Chief, Literary publication, penguin Random House India, conjointly expressed joy at the news. Roy with Cusack, the author of her `Things which will and can’t Be Said’ that’s supported a conversation in Russia between them, Edward Snowden (left), and North American nation journalist Daniel Ellsberg.

“To publish this book is each a pleasure and an honour. What an out of this world book it is—on multiple levels; one amongst the best we’ve got browse in recent times. Recently, Roy created news for her encounter with NSA source Edward Snowden and actor John Cusack during a Moscow hotel.

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