Why Arijit Singh Apologised to Salman Khan

By | May 27, 2016

A Week ago, Arijit Singh, Tum Hi Ho fame singer apologised to salman in public and he has also posted it on facebook and twitter as well. But till yet, the reason behind the apology is not cleared and also salman khan did not reply him. Somewhere this issue is related to the Arijit Singh’s song in Sultan(2016) movie to reconsider it. But unfortunately salman khan did not answer his apology till date. This issue is getting so much popularity on social media and somewhat shows the politeness of Arijit Singh and toughness of man who runs the NGO named Being Human.

But the actual issue is raised from the day on Star Guild Awards 2014, where the duo met each other. On that show, Salman Khan was host and when Arijit Singh came to him to collect Award, they had a not so pleasant conversation between each other. Unless the reason behind this issue is not cleared by any of them, but it might be the reason behind the clashes.

Arijit Singh Apologised to Salman Khan

This issue is not the official issue because none of them has disclosed the reason behind this issue. Well we hope for the betterness of their relation and really want to get Arijit’s song into the movie. Get more update related to this article and stay up to date with us.

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