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By | March 17, 2016

Hello friends wish you all a very happy vishu kani guys. This is the time to share the happiness of this auspicious festival Therefore here we have arranged the new collection of the vishu kanu stuff which is stunning and you can easily send this to your friends and loved ones. Here are some beautiful Vishu Wishes & images and much more. You can download the pictures and send them to your friends and dear ones. Basically Vishu is a grant festival in kerala and vishu kani is a traditional custom during vishu by which the elder person gives gifts to son and grandson and granddaughters.  Vishu is also a heaping festival and it is celebrated all over kerala. Gods in the prayer room are garlanded with colour full flowers, fruits, Vegetable, green leaves, metel leaves. On the day of vishu people visit temples and worship gods like Sabarimala Ayyappa and Guruvayar Srikrishna. So friends do not waste the chance to share the happiness because these are the festivals that make us feel awesome and attached to each other. Therefore just come forward and grab this collection to share it ahead.

Vishu Kani images

Happy Vishu 4

Happy vishu kani 3

Happy vishu kani images 3


Vishu kani 2016-28

Vishu kani hd wallpaper 40

Vishu kani images 321

Vishu messages in Malayalam

Happy Vishu Wishes Quotes Messages

Vishu wishes in malayalam 4



Orayiram..Ormakal manasil veedum Nallkuvan vendi,ithaa veendum oru vishu kalam koodi,..Orupadu nalla karyangal lifeil undakate enne prarthichu konde,ente veeshu Ashamsakal

Medamasa Ponpulariyil Aiswaryathintay Pratheekmayi Oru VISHU Koody. Snehathoday, Prarthanayoday ORAYIRAM VISHU Asamsakal. Sethu Menon & Family

This simple SMS Travelled through My room, the Roads, Buildings, Towers,
Clouds, Satellites & finally reached your mobile
Just to say HAPPY VISHU!

This is to formally announce that I have started accepting “VISHU KAINEETTAM” in Cash, Cheques, DD, Top-up cards…etc. Avoid last minute rush!!

As We celebrate another Vishu And see
vishukani with fresh hope and spirit to a
prosperous Year I wish you a happy new year
Filled with happiness and succes Have a great Vishu !!

Start the year with the smile,
Celebrate with the family and share the memories.
Cherish the experience and treasure it.
Let the happy moments be your inspiration in
life throughout the year. Happy vishu!

Ellam orikkal koodi varavayi…ee
vishuvum ella hindhu matha
vishwasikalkum nanma niranjathu avatte
Happy Vishu 2016

Manja kasavaninja kanikonnayude
charuthayil, kaynettavum,
karvarnnante punjiriyum
peri vendum oru
Vishu pulari koodi varavay
Happy Vishu Kani 2016

Manasil ennum kanikkonna viriyatte….
Jeevithathil ennum AISWARYAM nirayatte…
Orayiram VISHU asamsakal…

Kanikkonnakal viriyunna medamasa ponpulariyil., aiswaryathinte prateekamayi oru VISHU koodi…
Snehapoorvam orayiramVISHU ashamsakal.
Happy vishu.

May this year be filled with delight and cheer for you.
Have a blessed and prosperous Vishu!

Wishing you a new year, bursting with joy,
roaring with laughter and full of fun. Happy Vishu.

Kannu niraye ponkaniyum kai….
niraye pon kaineetavam manasu niraye….
sathoshavumayi vishu pulari varavayi….
Vishu Ashamsakal…..

Varum Kalathinte Sundara Swapnangalumayi
Oru Vishukkalam Koodi Varavayi
Nashta Swapnangal Ivide Upekshichu
Puthiya Nimishangalkkay Kathirikkam
Happy Vishu to all

Kanikanum neram kamalanethrante niramezhum manja thukil charthi kanaka kingani valakal mothiram aninjukananam bhagavane Evarkkum Vishu aashamsakal.

May the Lord’s blessing bring peace to your home and
heart on Vishu and always during this year.
Happy Vishu.

Let this Vishu give you the strength to do all that you
dreamed to do during last year but didn’t dare to do.
Happy Vishu! Let this be a delightful year,
filled with delightful things in each of its days.

നന്മ നിറഞ്ഞ ഒരു വിഷു ആശംസിക്കുന്നു
ഒപ്പം സമ്പൽസമൃതിയാർന്ന ഒരു വർഷമാകട്ടെ ഇതെന്ന് പ്രാർത്ഥിക്കുന്നു

നിലവിളക്കിൻറെ നിറദീപവും ധാന്യങ്ങളും കണിവെള്ളരിയും കള്ളകണ്ണനേയും തളികയിലാക്കിയുള്ള ഒരു രാത്രിയിലെ കാത്തിരുപ്പ് ഒരു വർഷത്തിലേക്കുള്ള ഐശ്വര്യത്തിൻറെ പ്രയാണമാകട്ടെ..

ഐശ്വര്യത്തിൻറേയുംസമൃദ്ധിയുടേയും ഉത്സവമായ വിഷു വരവായി.മനസ്സിൽ ഉണ്ണിക്കണ്ണൻറെ രൂപവും കയ്യിൽ കൊന്നപ്പൂക്കളുമായി എല്ലാവർക്കും സമ്പൽസമൃദ്ധിയുടെ വിഷുദിനം ആശംസിക്കുന്നു


This would be the nice day of our life to celebrate vishu kani together. Let’s celebrate the happiness of this lovely festival with each other and to make this day more awesome and memorable for all of us. May this festival become the luckier for us.

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